Love Your Body

Did you know that the average woman thinks about her body once every 15 minutes, and the chances are she wont like what she sees in the mirror. Surveys have found only 1 to 2 percent of women actually like their figure and many feel a size 12 to be fat.

According to research, women worry about their bodies WAAAAAY more than a man’s imagination will allow him to negatively go.  Men or not turned off by the same things that us women think are problems with our appearance. Women diet, exercise and stress their bodies in the name of being attractive, presumably so that guys will be more attracted to them.

ciWSCBAFor Instance: 

*87% of men prefer a good sense of humor more than a flat stomach.  A flat stomach doesn’t last very long, a sense of humor is for life.

*When men were asked what size was more attractive to them:
10% like size 6-8, 81% like size 10 – 12, 11% like size 14 .

*Men say that women who complain about their body weight is a BIGGER turnoff than anything and 86% said they’d rather have a relationship with a woman who enjoys food.  Only 14% said they prefer a woman to constantly diet.

While American women see super-thin stick models and feel unattractive and unhappy about their average or curvy bodies, men don’t feel the same way. Fully 80 percent of men ages 18 to 50 say they want a voluptuous woman. 

In closing, note all those little imperfections you THINK you see in the mirror and put them out of your mind.  As far as gifs-animation-channing-tatum-sayings-movie-girl-cute_largemen go, studies seems to show that it takes A LOT for them to NOT be attracted to his woman!

A woman’s body brings life to the world and that will create changes in the way it looks, but be proud of YOU! Get some confidence and build on the positive and enjoy your body!

Be healthy and happy 🙂